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Please enter all traveller's BahnCards, where applicable. Children (up to the age of 14 years) travel for free, if they are accompanied by their parents or grandparents. However, they have to be considered in case of booking.
Tickets for children who are not your own must be purchased separately and can only be sent by mail.
For groups of 6 travellers or more, we offer special group saver fares
Travellers aged 27 and over can make the most of saver and super saver fares, which are available to people of all ages.
Up to 4 children aged 6-14 years can travel free of charge when accompanying a passenger aged 15 or over on a journey that uses at least one long-distance train. These children must be included during the booking process.

Children who are not accompanying a passenger aged 15 or over are normally entitled to a 50% discount.

Up to 3 accompanying children can travel free of charge on journeys that only use local transport. Conditions may differ for regional offers and transport association tickets.

DB offers a childminding service on selected trains on Saturday/Sunday.

Conditions may differ in the event of special offers.

More Information
Children aged 0-5 always travel free of charge and without a ticket.

Please indicate if you want to reserve a separate seat for young children.

It is currently not possible to reserve free bicycle places for young children online.
It is not currently possible to reserve a free spot for small children's bicycles online.

More Information
Benefit from the BahnCard discount on every ticket purchase.

More Information
Travellers aged 15-26 can benefit from special offers.

These offers are only available to travellers aged 26 and under. Eligibility is based on the passenger's age on the first day of travel.
Travellers aged 27 and over can make the most of saver and super saver fares, which are available to people of all ages.
Travellers aged 65 and over can make the most of offers designed specially for them.

These offers are available to travellers aged 65 and over. Eligibility is based on the passenger's age on the first day of travel.
For holders of the Deutschlandticket, it may be cheaper to limit the search and booking to the long-distance leg, as local transport (e.g. RB) is already covered by the Deutschlandticket. For further information (including on any limited passenger rights), please visit bahn.de/deutschlandticket
What does that mean?
What does show fastest connections mean?

When you search for a connection, we show only the fastest connection for the time you wish to travel and the fastest connections departing afterwards (departure search), or the fastest connections arriving before a specific time (arrival search). If necessary, we will also show you a connection with fewer transfers and a longer journey time than the fastest connection.

If you deactivate this option, we will search for other connections to your destination that match the selected departure or arrival time.

Further information
NoteA mixture of the reduced rates, and , is not possible.

Duration of transfer

What does that mean?

Outward journey

  • -
    Eichst��tt Stadt
    From start to destination Outward journey - Section 1
  • -
    Outward journey - Section 2
  • -
    Outward journey - Section 3

Return journey

  • Eichst��tt Stadt -
    From destination to start Return journey - Section 1
  • -
    Return journey - Section 2
  • -
    Return journey - Section 3

Route information

Route to first stop/station

Route from last stop/station


Other options

Carriage of bicycle

If you select the checkbox, the system only displays connections in Germany and other countries that let you transport bicycles.

Information about transporting bikes on trains in Germany:
You do not need a reservation if you are travelling on a local or suburban rail service (RE, RB, S-Bahn), but you are not guaranteed space on the train - for example, if it is full. Please pay attention to times when passenger may not transport bicycles on the relevant transport association's services. These times might not be visible for technical reasons. Click here to find out what ticket you need to transport a bicycle on a local or suburban train.

You need a reservation if you want to transport a bicycle on a long-distance train. The bike symbol shows if bicycle spaces are available on an IC, EC or ICE train. Go to "Ticket & Options" to see what bicycle ticket covers the entire connection.

If you want to make a booking for one of the following cases, please contact a DB Reisezentrum, DB agencies or our service hotline at +49 (0) 30 2970:

  • Bicycle-only bookings (after you buy your ticket)
  • The number of bicycles is smaller than the number of travellers
  • Transporting a bicycle to a destination outside of Germany
Show our best prices1
We recommend that you allow for a longer transfer time when travelling with a bicycle. You can adjust the transfer time under "Intermediate stops".
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Meaning of symbols

Shows the best prices found here for the selected connection on the selected day. In some cases (certain transport association fares, etc.), our system may contain a connection that we sell, but it is unable to display the price here. The price is shown in the next step and may be lower.

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